Veda – the essence truly embodies its name. The earthy glow of Veda exudes opulent warmth that cocoons, reflected in the red brick walls, the flickering light of the chandeliers falling soft but as bright as stars in the night sky. Ornate, elegant and exquisite, the restaurant offers a panorama of Indian cuisine, the flavors and textures as subtle and rich as the diverse tastes of the subcontinent. The Indian cuisine at Veda is characterized by the variety of spices and techniques used to prepare an assortment of culinary delights. The palate of every region vastly differs from the next, and it is this ethnic diversity that the restaurant celebrates. Veda specializes in North-West Frontier and Mughlai cuisines. The success of the hospitality business has amassed accolades like Best Ambience Award 2006 – Times Food Guide, Best Ambience Award 2007 – Times Food Guide, HT City Awards 2007 – Vir Sanghvi’s personal favourites, HT City Awards 2007-Top nominations awards, Best Ambience Award 2008 – Times Food Guide, Conde Nast traveller magazine rated Veda as one of the best 82 restaurants in the world.