'Meat Lover's Delight' @Buddha Bites

by Admin 26.12.2016

There is no sincerer love than the love of food and so was the call of Buddha Bites, Chain of Chinese Restaurants, this winter when they introduced ‘Meat Lover’s Delight’, a rare collection of meat and exotics, redefining the home-style Chinese food that would be the latest addition in their winter menu. The tasting session was held today at their Harish Mukherjee Road Outlet in the esteemed presence of Celebrity Chef Shaun Kenworthy and Artist cum Fashion Choreographer Pinky Kenworthy along with other city eminent personalities. The latest lip smacking exotic additions in appetizers and main course would have variations in pork, lamb, duck, chicken and sea fish. The mouth-watering appetizers would include delicacies like Teriyaki Negi chicken – chicken cooked in Japanese style; Sliced chicken with bamboo shoot – chicken tossed in bamboo shoot; Gai Sai takrai chicken - crispy Chicken tossed with lemon grass and sweet chilli sauce; Thai pan fish in coriander sauce – fish pan fried in coriander sauce; Tempura prawn – prawn tossed with Tempura flour and Pork in pimento sauce – pork tossed in fresh capsicum sauce. And there was no end to the luscious menu, the main course happened to be more attractive and delicious containing dishes like Slow fry chicken in oyster sauce – chicken cooked in oyster sauce; Wok fried fish in home style – fish tossed in spicy & sweet and tangy sauce; Pad kee Mao Tela – Mix sea food in chilli oyster sauce; Slice Roast pork in bamboo shoot- pork tossed in bamboo shoot; Tausi Duck pancake roll-duck pan cake roll in black Bean and peanut sauce; Pakchoy with lamb 8 to 8 sauce – lamb tossed with tamarind sauce; Jhai Thai udan noodles- spicy flat noodles in sweet chilli sauce; Japanese burnt garlic fried rice- fried rice tossed in Chinese Rice wine and Pad khi Mao-rice noodles with tangy sauce.