AFRA TAFRI Celebrates Grand Mango Food Festival

by Admin 15.06.2017

Kolkata, 15th June 2017 Summer is here and so is the king of fruits - Mango! Afra Tafri is leaving no stone unturned to beat the heat away with super chilled mango drinks, deserts & delicacies with their exclusive mango mania food festival. The month long food festival was was announced today in presence of renowned food critics of Kolkata Nandan Bagchi and Rakhipurnima Dasgupta along with Mr. Raajiv Nathany, MD, Afra Tafri and Abhijit Dev, General Manager, Afra Tafri.

With over 20 dishes made exclusively from the majestic mango, the festival offered dainty treats like the Kasundi Mango Salad, the Mango Wasabi hummus, Achari Aam Paneer Steak, Mango Chicken Tikka, and Mango Colada Shake amongst the many others was demonstrated by Mohammad Feroz Hussain, Executive Chef which was followed by a special demonstration of exclusive mango mocktails by Subhodeep Chateerjee, Senior Bar Executive and Arijit Sarkar, Bar Executive of Afra Tafri

On the occasion, Mr. Raajiv Nathany, MD, Afra Tafri said: We can't miss celebrating the love this city has for mangoes. This is our first mango food festival, where we have made a varied spread of dishes and we look forward to serving our guests with delicious and exotic food variations of Mango which they can relish. We hope the customers like our innovation with mangoes."

The grand Mango food festival is taking place from 15th June to 30th June, 2017. Different variations of Mango dishes will be served on a la carte basis which is priced from Rs.195 - Rs.305 plus taxes, from 12:30pm- 11:30pm.

The menu has been divided in multiple sections like drinks: Mango Colada Shake A blended drink flavored with fresh mango, originally transformed from classic colada, Mango Mint Lassi - A classic Indian drink additional flavored with raw mango with a hint of fresh green mint, Frozen Mango Fiesta- A frozen mango drink perfectly balanced with sweet & sour, with a punch of green mint, make you feel relaxed on this summer, Mango melon smoothie- Fresh mango & orange melon perfectly blend together and served with a spicy ginger flavor, Masala Kairi Slushie- A unripe mango flavor blended drink with a hint of mint perfectly balanced with sweet sour & salt. Appetizers: Kasundi Mango Feta Salad -Ripe Mangoes marinated with chilly and kasundi mustard, served on fresh greens dotted with feta cheese, Mango Wasabi Hummus -(Mango and wasabi flavored chickpea Hummus, served with Chilli Lavas crisps, tzatziki, coriander quinoa sprout tabbouleh and pomegranate), Achari Aam Paneer Stack(Paneer roundels, marinated in raw mango and pickling spices paste, pan grilled and served on Ultatawaparatha with onion lachha, mint and dahi chutney),Crispy CornCroquettes -(Corn mince flavored with spices, rolled in panko crumbs and fried. Served with Chilly garlic chutney and ripe and mixed lettuce salad),Mango Chicken Tikka-Chicken Tikka's marinated in raw mango paste, cooked in the Tandoor, served with raw mango lachha and green chutney. Deserts: Mango Kulfi, Aam Papad Roll, Aam Ras, marinated mangoes, Classic Mango Pudding, Mango cheese mousse, Mango Monte Carlo.

About Afra Tafri:
Afra tafri is a grand 12000 sq ft outlet located at the hub of the city i.e Camac Street. The owners are three partners: Raajiv Nathany, Sandeep Goenka and Sachin Saraff who has left no stone unturned in proving that Kolkata is indeed a city of Joy' by providing a mix of global cuisine, brewery and a vintage interior and three masters from their field of expertise are appointed to keep up the madness which includes: Master chef Ranveer Brar, Mixologist Sathvi Basu and Brewmaster Ishan Grover.
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