Calcutta Debating Circle Announced UK-India Debate Tour

by Admin 10.03.2017

Calcutta Debating Circle announced their first ever public speaking representation from Kolkata to London named "UK-India Debate Tour" on 7th March. The conference took place at the premises of Calcutta Club which was addressed by Dr. Kunal Sarkar, President of CDC & Senior Vice Chairman, Director and Head of Cardiac Surgery, Medica Super specialty Hospital; Dr. Sandip Chatterjee, Trustee of CDC & Academic Co-ordinator at Park Clinic, Kolkata and Professor and Head of Neurosurgery of VIMS, Kolkata, Mr. Pradeep Gooptu, Trustee of CDC & Founder & team leader of the think-tank Bengal Initiative, its research, writing & publishing wing; Ms. Swati Gautam, Entrepreneur & Executive Member of CDC; Mr. Shankar Ramalingam, Executive Member of CDC & Director of Megaa Modal Pvt. Ltd.