Grand Unveiling Of The Iconic RNM Galleria 1910, Kolkata's First Heritage Manor Transformed Into Lifestyle Destination.

by Admin 28.05.2018

Kolkata, 18th April, 2018: RNM Galleria 1910, Kolkata's first lifestyle experience, a celebration of heritage, was grandly unveiled by Mr. Craig L. Hall- Honourable Consulate General US, Kolkata, Mr. Bruce Bucknell- Honourable British Deputy High Commissioner, Kolkata along with Mr Aditya Kumar Poddar, Chairman- Wellside Group on the occasion of World Heritage Day today. The building is the former residence of Sir Rajendranath Mookerjee, Sir Biren Mookerjee & Lady Ranu Mookerjee. The grandeur of the house has a sense of pride & unforgotten glory forever and has been restored under the efficient leadership of Mr. Aditya Kumar Poddar.

Starting from the doors, windows, floors and art-works to the lifts, elevators and the cloak rooms, all have been re-worked, restored and the idea behind the beautiful concept is to provide a stunning experience to the city of Kolkata. The entire building breathes the history of Colonial West Bengal. It is being conserved keeping in mind that it has to be economically sustainable which would in return serve the longevity purpose.

The key person responsible behind the entire restoration process is Mr. Poddar, a heritage conservationist because of his strong inclination and passion towards conserving the Heritage properties of the country. He has fully contributed to restoration of the tomb of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in Bristol, UK in mid June 2007. He also bought the ancestral home of Sri Satyajit Ray and donated the same to the Athenaeum Institute on 20th August 2007 for its adaptive reuse as an educational institute. RNM Galleria has been restored with an in house team of qualified structural engineer Ms Soma Kazi, daughter-in-law of Kazi Nazrul Islam and the artisans under the guidance of the art director Sri Tanmoy Chakraborty. Speaking on the Occasion, Mr. Aditya Poddar added that" My job is to ensure memories are relived and hence so much effort has been put in to restoring the iconic manor. We decided that we would restore the historic property keeping its architecture and essence intact. Our county is a gold-mine of heritage and we must conserve and maintain the same for the coming generations to explore and serve the long term historic interests.

The property is proposed to be conserved with adaptable reuse and will promote performing & non- performing forms of art and will house a Calcutta Heritage & art club on the 2nd floor and a Cafe Galleria 1910 on the Ground floor. The world oldest Barbour shop crafted in Great Britain- Truefitt & Hill has been allotted one store in the First Floor. Any brand which promotes art & culture or is in sync with the heritage is being carefully hand-picked. Historical Wall installation around the wooden staircase is being implanted to ensure revitalizing historical significance of the manor. Cloak room is an experience of its kind with complete wooden panels all over the wall with a ladies dressing area and amazing display of heritage toiletries. The entire stain glass structure has been restored & conserved and the skylight dome has been restored which gives natural day light in central atrium with three unique layer chandelier. Original False ceiling has been restored while strengthening the structure. A well planned anti termite treatment has been integrated for regular protection.

RNM Galleria 1910 is a first smart heritage property with all facilities like latest Fire fighting techniques, central climate control, 24*7 hour power back up, Central surveillance system, smart automation and state of the art technologies. It sets an example that heritage building can be well integrated with current contemporary architecture having all modern amenities. The mechanical, electrical & plumbing facilities have been upgraded and the boundary wall has been removed so that one and all can have a look at the heritage manor. One of the most modern facade Lighting has been installed to display the architecture details of the property during evening. The property holds a very important position in Kolkata's history and hence this is an initiative to maintain and take forward the legacy.