Teacher With A Heart Award By Manochetna Academic And Research Centre (MARG)- A Wing Of Manovikas Kendra On 26 April 2018

by Admin 28.05.2018

Greetings from all of us at Manochetna-a wing of Manovikas Kendra!

Manovikas Kendra, a NonGovt. Organization working for last 44 years in field of lnclusive Education,Therapeutic lntervention, Training and Research Manovikas Kendra has been honoured with National Award in 2006 for its outsta nding contribution and recipient of Quality lnitiative Mission Award 2013 in lnnovation & Excellence in School Education.

Along with the main centre at E M Bypass, it has two branches, Rural Center Dhankhet Manovikas Kendra, an extended Centre of inclusion and a Center for Special Education & Vocational Training at New Alipore Center .

Manovikas Kendra provides a wide spectrum of services through its departments/wings:-

  • OPD Diagnosis, Assessment & Counseling, Therapeutic lnterventions, Early lntervention, Hydro therapy and Multisensory sessions.
  • Centre for lnclusive Education provides Special Schooling, Autism Wing, Prevocational and Vocational Training, Computer Aided Learning Programme etc.
  • Teachens' Training Centre provides Human Resource Development programs through various training courses.
  • Biomedical Research and Diagnostic Centre where Karyotype Analy sis & Screening of VariousSyndromes are done.
  • Manochetna Academic And Research Centre (MARC) is a dedicated unit for Children with Learning Difficulties (LD).
  • Manochetna Academic and Research Centre, proposes to institute an award: 'TEACHER WITH A HEART'.

This is a humble endeavour to honour teachers who are not only adept in their subjects but can also associate teaching with love. Manochetna belilves'Teacher with a Heart' nurtures, inspires and motivates children in school. They are the'heart & Soul'of our society.

At this stage we would like to inform you about the broad criteria under which candidatei are being recommended for the award by the school' Some of the criteria for 'TEACHER WITH A HEART ' are as follows:

  • A teacher who does not have any 'favourites' that is,who loves all her students equallY
  • A teacher who is willing to give time to the students outside the classroom
  • A teacher who is patient with so called non performers
  • A teacher who is willing to encourage every little achievement of her pupils
  • A teacher who believei more in carrot than in stick in getting the best out of her PuPils
  • A teacher who creates activities in which all student swith different kinds of abilities can participate gainfully
  • A teacher who has a track record of making something of a pupil whom others had given uP as lost case

A citation and trophy will be awarded to 20 awardees. The awardees will be aOiuJgeO by a panei comprising of eminent personalities connected to the field of Education.

we are aware that the role of media is very important in bringing positive change which creates big difference in the society. We will be nappi f tfris event gets coverage in print or electronic media which will support the cause.