An Afternoon Of Nutritious Choices And Conversations

by Admin 08.01.2019

 December 2018KolkataSly Fox Gastro Club, along with ROXX and CII Indian Women Network (CII IWN) celebrated an afternoon dedicated to healthy eating choices today in the presence of Mr. Jay Treloar, Assistant Public Affairs Officer, US Consulate General, Kolkata, and Ms. Bridgette Jones, Owner of Bridgette Jones Fashion Salon. Ms. Agnimitra Paul, Chairwoman of CII Indian Women Network, Ms. Paromita Ghosh, Convener, Indian Women Network (IWN), Ms. Aishwariya Biswas, Member, CII Indian Women Network. Mr. Karan Chhawchharia, Managing Director, LXRY Restaurants LPP, Ms. Nikki Khedwal, Marketing Head, ROXX   were also present at the session, “Alternative Food Choices- A fun cook along session”.

Health is a treasure which everyone cherishes. Unfortunately, with our modern way of living, this is becoming more and more difficult to achieve but it is not impossible. Healthy life can start with easy steps like choosing the right ingredient in a dish and making small tweaks in the meal.

Sugar is one such ingredient that is used on a daily basis and is a primary element of our daily diet, making up a large proportion of our daily calorie intake. Experts believe that sugar consumption is a major cause of obesity and many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, may increase risk of heart disease, cancer, skin ageing, cellular ageing etc. Sugar can be easily replaced by all-natural sweeteners such as honey that has proven health benefits. The same can be said about several elements that we consider a necessity in our daily diet. Healthier living is a conscious choice.

Ms Agnimitra PaulChairwoman, CII Indian Women Network, said, “CII IWN is always focused to make the lives of women and everyone around them better. With our busy lives nowadays, it is important to make smart choices that can bring us a better quality of life without any compromise. We are glad to have partnered with Sly Fox Gastro Club for this session where we learnt something new and interesting. It was a really fun and beneficial session for all of us.”

CII Indian Women Network (CII IWN), a one-of-a-kind women forum for career women focused on improving the quality of the lives of women and for their overall betterment, along with Sly Fox Gastro Club took the initiative to organize a live cook along session with a professional chef to showcase recipes where sugar can be replaced with honey. The dishes showcased at the cook along were honey mustard chicken salad with honey mustard dressinghoney garlic shrimp and sticky Asian chicken wings with honey. Themocktails  displayed were winter love, toddy and watermelon basil cooler.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Paromita GhoshConvenerIndian Women Network (IWN) said, “We are taking a step towards an enhanced future with this session. Most of us are unaware of the negative effects of sugar to our body and how easily we can avoid it. We hope that we are able to change perceptions with this cook along.”

The session witnessed the guests take part in this cook along and learning the various ways in which they can choose a healthier alternative in their daily busy lives from the Executive Chef of Sly fox Gastro Club Mr. Naresh Bokka, whose expertise in this field is unparalleled.

Mr. Karan ChhawchhariaManaging DirectorLXRY Restaurants LPP, added, “We are glad and honored to be a part of such a prestigious and valuable session. There was something new to learn for everyone. We at Sly Fox Gastro Club always try to take steps which can improve the lives of everyone around us and this afternoon was just the right fit for that.”

The honey for the session was supplied by Auli, a luxury & organic based lifestyle and wellness brand. Their honey is one of the most exuberant organic and natural based products farmed in the forests of Sunderbans.

Ms. Aishwariya BiswasManaging Director of Auli, “With the kind of lifestyle we have, it is essential to be particular about what we eat. Small changes in our eating habits can improve our quality of life.”

Products from ROXX, a lifestyle brand by East Coast Distributors Pvt Ltd is a leader in the Indian consumer goods tabletop market with over a decade, offers a colorful basket of products ranging from cookware, glassware, giftware, dinnerware, flasks, storage catering to every need and desire, were used during the live cook along.

Ms. Nikki Khedwal, Marketing Head, ROXX, "I feel very proud to a part of this initiative. Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Healthy life can start with easy steps like choosing honey as right ingredient in a dish and making small tweaks in the meal. We at ROXX look forward to build more such wonderful memories and spread such awareness’’.

About CII Indian Women Network: CII launched Indian Women Network in 2013 for women across sectors from corporate, working professionals and colleges/institutes in India. As an extension of Indian Women Network’s efforts on encouraging entrepreneurship and leadership among women, CII organized a leadership session on ‘Women In Alternate Professions’. With the advent of industry 4.0, Indian corporate leadership needs to re-examines the role of women in leadership.

About Sly Fox Gastro Club: Located in the tech hub of the city, Sly Fox Gastro Club serves ‘taste with a twist’.  Be it a soiree or an intimate dinner for two, Sly Fox Gastro Club quenches every thirst and craving. The colonial settings, finished with ornate candelabras lend a classy ambience, while the bright upholstery recharges you.  Conceptualized by Karan Chhawchharia and Rahul Dalmiya who are avid travelers and connoisseurs of good food, they have brought the best of global cuisine in one platter.

About ROXX- ROXX is the lifestyle brand by East Coast Distributors Pvt. Ltd. (ECD), leader in the Indian consumer goods tabletop market with over a decade. "ROXX” is India's biggest brand in Tableware, Kitchenware, Home and Gift range with over 800 products and ever growing under their portfolio. The brand has been servicing the entire country through their network of own offices and many channel partners distributing their products. The core strength of ROXX experience is the understanding of consumer needs and offering the right product to enrich every clientele's lifestyle. The brand primarily addresses the daily requirement in a household making life simpler, stylish and luxurious at an affordable rate. ROXX has expanded itself in the last few years and their head office is in Kolkata, corporate office in Mumbai and network, Offices in Delhi and Ghaziabad. 

About Auli - ‘Auli Lifestyle’ is a lifestyle and wellness statement, offering an exuberant range of fabulously lush natural products that are perfect for both gifting and self-indulgence.  Auli Lifestyle’ was conceptualized and created in June, 2017. Auli Lifestyle has an offering for every budget. It has a huge number of customers worldwide. Affordable, unique, lush and Indian - wholesome goodness defined by just 4 letters – A.U.L.I. Auli Lifestyle also owns their own honey farm in the marshlands of the Sundarbans and make their bath and beauty products from honey, beeswax and other top class natural, herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients sourced from quality organic produce, from across the country. Auli also specializes in corporate gift packages, and hampers for festive and other celebratory occasions like weddings and birthdays. The Auli Lifestyle team is comprised of almost 80% women and each team member brings with them their own set of diversified knowledge and expertise.