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London Mahotsav

The London Mahotsav is a vibrant celebration of Indian and Bengali culture, taking place over two days in April 2024 at the Sattavis Patidar Centre in London. This event highlights the fusion of Indian heritage with English surroundings, symbolized by the merging waters of the Ganga, Padma, and Thames rivers.

Our Ticket Pricing

Daily Ticket

£100 Royal

  • £75 Zone A
  • £50 Zone B

Season Ticket

£150 Royal

  • £120 Zone A
  • £80 Zone B


Tickets will be given at the counter.
Please bring along your reference number for booking

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Grab your seat for 2 days of full packed entertainment and knowledge


The string of an iktara blends effortlessly with the vibrant beats of the tabla, and timeless Bollywood melodies linger through dusk into a starry evening. Get ready to groove to the performances of your favourite artists.


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Witness the eminent entrepreneurs as well as representatives from governmental and non-governmental organizations from India, Bangladesh and the UK share their success stories.


Captivating literary seminars where authors, publishers, literary enthusiasts and poets will come together to discuss, analyze, and celebrate the power of words, from timeless classics to contemporary gems.


From handicrafts to jewellery, from garments to pata-chitro, from film screenings to book exhibitions to enthralling performances, there is a lot to enjoy at the London Mahotsav.

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